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Become an Umrah Companions BRAND AMBASSADOR

The mission of our Brand Ambassador Program is to help develop and grow the Umrah Companions community. We invite you to spread your passion and purpose behind performing Umrah with Umrah Companions and join an exclusive group of like-minded Muslims from around the world. As an Umrah Companions Ambassador you will have an open dialogue with our team and receive rewards and perks for sharing Umrah Companions and the spiritual journey with others online.

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Perks of becoming an Umrah Companions BRAND AMBASSADOR

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Umrah Companions Brand Ambassador program supports a community of driven and inspirational Muslims who harness their passion to elevate the Muslim community. Ambassadors educate and share the importance of performing Umrah with Umrah Companions to their followers all while earning unbeatable perks!

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    Discount codes for your followers

    Have personal Umrah Companions discount codes for your followers to use towards Umrah packages and earn a commission on the sales.

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    Travel opportunities

    Bring customers to Umrah Companions and we will thank you by giving our ambassadors discounted or even complimentary Umrah packages.

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    Build relationships with like-minded people in the industry

    The Umrah Companions Brand Ambassador program is built with passionate and spiritual Muslims from around the globe. Build relationships with fellow ambassadors, work together to spread the Umrah Companions brand and give your content a leg up in the industry.

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    Build your brand

    Umrah Companions selects those Ambassadors that we believe best represent our brand, giving you the opportunity to identify with your followers as trustworthy and credible while also allowing you to associate your brand with the spiritual pilgrimage that is Umrah.

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    Open communication with our team

    Success for our Ambassadors equates to success for Umrah Companions. We encourage open dialogues to ensure you are prepared with the tools to drive sales, build your following, create trusting relationships and more!









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Whether you’re a professional Instagrammer, travel enthusiast, lifestyle blogger or one of our entrepreneurially-spirited gusts, this is for you. You help us promote our brand, services, and packages and in exchange get perks and omissions on what people purchase through your posts, it's a win-win.

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    If you think you and your followers are a good fit for Umrah Companions, fill out our simple Brand Ambassador application so we can know more about you.

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    Tell you friend, fam and following about your unique affiliate code and earn commission, free travel opportunities and more!

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    Our ambassadors can choose how they are rewarded. You have the option to earn a commission on the sales made using your unique discount code or earn yourself FREE Umrah packages with Umrah Companions.