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Meet Umrah Companions, your companion on every step of your spiritual journey.

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Umrah, a life changing journey to Mecca & Medina, Saudi Arabia is practiced by Muslims around the world, to fulfill their commitment to Islamic Faith.

Umrah Companions powered by is your go-to Umrah booking platform. We help you build Do-It-Yourself travel plans to Mecca and Madinah and ensure your Umrah Pilgrimage is an unforgettable, smooth experience.

Umrah Companions offers a wide variety of pre-set Umrah packages serving various needs and budgets. Want to make changes to a pre-set Umrah Package? No problem! All our packages are customizable to match your budget, needs and preferences.

Our mission is to make the Muslim pilgrimage journey to Mecca, Saudi Arabia for Umrah liberating, seamless and comfortable as possible. We want to facilitate Umrah for Muslims everywhere!

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We aim to be your Companion and Friend on your visit to the House of Allah