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Ramadan In Riyadh: Explore the Tradition

[Salman Arain / 12-02-2024]

Ramadan in Riyadh - blessed month in the capital of Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam. More than 2 billion Muslims live in Riyadh, enthusiastically celebrating Ramadan yearly. Opting for Umrah packages in Ramadan and landing on the soil of Riyadh allows pilgrims to spend some Ramadan nights in Riyadh to witness the beauty of bustling streets in Ramadan. As Ramadan approaches, Riyadh becomes a lively and bustling place. The capital city transformed into a bustling atmosphere, with mosques becoming the focal point and filled with worshippers five times a day, especially during Taraweh time. Vibrant Riyadh streets are illuminated with special lighting, and some prefer the traditional lantern style to illuminate the streets, offering a cosy and warming atmosphere. While local restaurants offer delicious Iftar and Suhoor deals.

Ramadan Preparations

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Once the sight of the Ramadan moon is announced, Muslims of Saudi Arabia start special preparations to welcome Ramadan. The whole Saudi Kingdom shares joy and congratulates each other on entering into the Holy month. Ramadan is one of the blessed months for Muslims. The Holy Quran was revealed in Lailat Al-Qadar, the greatest night (Could be any night of the last Ashra) on Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Soum, fasting is the fourth pillar of Islam. In Ramadan, Muslims fasts from dawn till sunset. In Ramadan, Muslims refrain from eating or drinking and spend most of their time praying and seeking forgiveness.

Ramadan teaches patience, self-discipline, sacrifice and empathy for others, encouraging Muslims to pay zakat and feed the poor.

Ramadan And Lifestyle

Ramadan changes the lifestyle of both practising and non-practicing Muslims. During this month, almost every Muslim try hard to earn blessings and refrain from sins. During the whole Ramadan month, Muslims fast every day. Ramadan month is meant to be a time of spiritual reflection and discipline. Muslims engage themselves in extra prayer, increase charity and read the Holy Quran daily. Muslims are also supposed to control their emotions and anger, limit their activities and lesser things like gossiping and complaining and spend more time praying and worshipping.

Days of Ramadan are usually quiet and tranquil; as soon as evening prevails and the time of sunset comes near, quiet streets become life, the aroma of delicious dishes fills the air, and restaurants become packed even before the Iftari time. Muslims usually stay up all night during Ramadan, especially on summer nights. Shopping malls changed their working hours, and restaurants closed their doors after serving Sahour buffets.

Ramadan Festivals

Muslims joyously celebrate Ramadan. Riyadh, the vibrant city of Saudi Arabia hold special events and activities to double the joy. Activities including

Iftar and Suhoor: With Iftar meals, fasting Muslims break their fast. As soon as Muslims hear the Magrib call (Azaan), Muslims break their fasts. Suhoor is the meal eaten before sunrise. Almost all restaurants in Riyadh offer Suhoor buffet and Iftar deals during the whole month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Bazars: The traditional souks and Ramadan bazaars in Riyadh offer different activities, clothing, and food during this holy month. Local markets showcase different items.

Markets In Ramadan

If you are in Saudi Arabia for Umrah in Ramadan, it’s best to spend some time in vibrant Riyadh. Visit the local market of Riyadh and spend time with families walking and shopping for Eid during Ramadan nights. Qasr al-Hukm offer a religious ambience on spiritual Ramadan nights with the sound of recitation of Quran coming from minarets of Imam Turki Bin Abdullah grand mosque. Exploring these vibrant markets in Riyadh allows tourists and visitors to immerse in Saudi culture and indulge themselves in the festive spirit.

Many shopping malls stay open all night, offering special accessories for Eid festival, such as Panorama Mall and Riyadh Park. Tourists and visitors can expect many activities during Ramadan in Riyadh, including charity drives, religious lectures and other cultural activities.

Visit the Holy Sites

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims spend more time worshipping and praying. Muslims living in Riyadh visit Mosques five times a day to strengthen their connections with Allah, engage themselves in extra prayer and pay zakat. Some of the Holy sites in Riyadh stay filled, especially in the last ten days of Ramadan when a large amount of Muslims offer Aitkaaf. Al Rajhi Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in Riyadh, and Othman Ibn Affan mosque offers special Islamic lectures and sessions to both men and women.

Tarawih prayers at night in the mosques held in congregation offer a tranquil atmosphere for reflection and devotion. The atmosphere inside mosques offers a cosy and welcoming atmosphere for worshippers to come and engage in extra prayers.

Local Cusine In Riyadh

In Riyadh, during Ramadan, the lifestyle and eating habits of Muslims change to embrace the true essence of the holy month. During the daytime, restaurants remain closed, while night becomes busy with heavy buzz. Tourists are advised to reserve tables in their favourite restaurants in order to satisfy their cravings. Many locals and tourists visiting Riyadh during the holy month want to taste local cuisines like camel meat, Kabsa, sambosa and many others. The local cuisines made with aromatic spices and authentic flavours maximize the Iftar experience. Several Ramadan tents across Riyadh city offer special meals during Iftar and Suhoor time to ensure a pleasant culinary experience.

Final Words

Experiencing the festivities, spiritual contemplation, and sense of community during Ramand in Riyadh is a truly memorable experience that stays with you long after the celebrations end. From the mesmerizing bustling streets decorated with unique and contemporary lighting and iftar gatherings and Tarawih nights to spiritual reflections at the Grand mosque in Riyadh, the city truly transforms into a religious space facilitating every need of fasting Muslims. Exploring Ramadan traditions in Riyadh offers an immersive cultural experience for residents and visitors to partake in the beauty and spirit of the holy season.

As the Shawal moon ascends, the celebrations of Ramadan come to an end. Eid-ul Fitr brings great joy and celebration to Riyadh. Eid in Riyadh is celebrated with large family gatherings, feats and traditional activities. Book Umrah packages 2024 in advance and choose Riyadh Airport to land so you can enjoy Ramadan nights in Riyadh before embarking on Makkah for Umrah.