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Top 5 Saudi Souvenirs to Bring Home

[Salman Arain / 12-02-2024]

c. Al-Balad Market in Taif provides buyers and visitors with a sweet and authentic taste of Saudi Arabian's rich history and heritage. Similar to the tales of Arabian Nights, this famous, bustling marketplace boasts multi-story buildings made of mud brick and stone, selling textiles, agricultural goods, fresh milk, dates, sparkling silver and gold ornaments, spices, and honey.

If you get a chance to embark on a Umrah with Umrah Packages 2024 ask your Hajj provider to include a visit to the Al-Balad market in your package so that you can have a chance to visit one of the oldest and most important souks in the Kingdom. This market is a famous place to experience kingdom culture.

Exploring Al-Balad Market in Taif, Saudi Arabia

Taif is a city located in Makkah province of Saudi Arabia, on the slopes of the Hijaz mountains. Taif is famous for producing fruits such as grapes, berries, pomegranates and figs. Taif is also famous for its rich scented 700 rose farms. The city of Taif is famous for its historical landmarks, Al-Balad Market, popular squares and unique gardens.

Traditional Atmosphere

Al-Balad Market in Taif is famous for its rich, traditional, and welcoming atmosphere. The vibrant Al-Balad market is huge and allows visitors to browse through a wide collection of shops and stores offering diverse articles. This historical market is one of the famous markets of Taif for its captivating destinations for shopping and providing a bustling environment where visitors and tourists spend a great time walking around and exploring the market's amazing products and pathways.

Minimarkets in Al-Balad Market

Ever since the establishment of Al-Balad Market, it has housed many shops and auctions for several products. Locals and visitors often visit this market to buy agricultural products, grains, ghee, raw honey and many other products catering to the diverse needs of the locals and visitors. The area houses other minimarkets such as Hilja, Barahat Al-Hadi, Thursday market and many more. Most of the shops inside Al-Balad market opens early in the morning and close one hour before midnight.

Wide range of Products

the Al-Balad Market offers a wide range of products, Saudi goods, handicrafts and other articles. Visitors and tourists can explore a wide range of products and accessories, including western and traditional clothing, jewelry, foods, spices, perfumes and many other products of interest. The local market is an excellent place to immerse oneself in the culture and find authentic Saudi Arabian items.

Al-Balad Market Atmosphere

Al-Balad market is famous for its unique bustling atmosphere, most stalls are run by women. These stalls are famous for the spices that make Saudi dishes tasteful and delicious. These stalls also sell other well-known traditional items and products. Many shops are selling jewelry items made of silver and gold, as well as shops for toys and cooking utensils. On the nights of Ramadan, many food stalls prepare spicy and delicious foods for Iftaar and Sehri. This is the best time to see the market in its full swing.

Things to Do at Al-Balad Market

Upon your entry into the market, it is recommended to check the clothing shop first, a wide range of clothes articles, including traditional and international clothing, that are hard to find anywhere. Additionally, visitors can find a number of items for women, children and men. This bustling market also houses famous and elegant shops for bridal outfits, providing families with amazing dresses for the special occasion.

As you keep exploring the market, you will find many footwear shops offering a wide range of shoes for men, women and kids of every age. These shoes are famous among visitors and locals. Al-Balad Market not only houses local shoes but also international brands. Fancy and elegant bags of every size and use are available for individuals from different walks of life.

No market achieves its goal without having a perfume shop. Variety of perfumes Itar offers a variety of fragrances for both males and females.

Besides perfumes and bags, women can find a wide range of cosmetics in the Al Balad Market in Taif. Cosmetics, skincare products, makeup and many other products are also in the market to facilitate women's needs.

Al Balad Market also houses many toy shops for kids as well. A wide collection of toys for kids of every age makes this market a must-visit area. Choose from a wide variety of toys for your kids and to give as a gift.

Delicious dishes are made from spices; one can't imagine a dish without any spice. Spices can give life to any dish. The number of spice stores in the market shows the importance of spices in Saudi cuisine. Various variety of spices in the market will not disappoint visitors and locals searching for specific spice.

When you explore the market, you will notice the distinct aroma of fish that will fill your nostrils. There is a specific area for fish selling in the Al Balad Market. Fish shops in this market sell all kinds of fish; pick whatever fish you like and cook delicious seafood using seafood spices.

Services and Restaurants

And after a while of exploring different shops in the Al Balad Market in Taif, you will find restaurants offering various eateries. Al Fares Restaurant and Fish House Restaurant are some of the best restaurants in the market. It is recommended to visit cafes in the market, such as Hudkin Cafe and Zaman Cafe, to enjoy a delightful time with friends and families.

Al Balad Market Opening Hours

Al-Balad Market opens early from Sunday to Wednesday and closes late at night. Thursday and Friday's closing hours are different due to the weekend ahead.

Explore Attractions near Al Balad Market

After finishing exploring the famous Al Balad Market in Taif, it's suggested that you find more attractions near the market. Arruddaf Park Taid and Al Shareef Museum Taif are famous attractions near Al Balad Market.