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Top Reasons to Plan Your Umrah Trip Today

[Salman Arain / 04-02-2023]


Pilgrimages are trips people take primarily for religious reasons, or at least that is the general consensus. It's not surprising. After all, pilgrimages involve walking for several days to reach a sacred place. A famous example is the Hajj, a religious pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia that involves walking to Mecca, the holiest place for Muslims. More than 2 million people make the pilgrimage every year, and more and more people come to Saudi Arabia for this purpose every year. If pilgrimages involve walking and enduring possible hardships, why do they do it? After all, there are better ways to relax and enjoy the holidays. Or, one can choose a simpler way to relax at home, such as entertaining with games and sports with the bet365 Android app.

However, more and more people are considering making a religious pilgrimage. Below we have presented some reasons why going on a pilgrimage will benefit your life.


What is the most common question people ask when a loved one is terminally ill or has had a debilitating accident? They ask people to pray. There are times in life when we all feel helpless and powerless because of the circumstances we face. This is when we fall into prayer, into faith, and feel the need to seek a miracle. For this reason, many people make religious pilgrimages, seeking, praying and hoping a miracle will be granted.

This concept is alluring because we don't think that prayer is enough. Therefore, the hardships one may endure during pilgrimage are welcomed and become a personal sacrifice that we offer in exchange for miracles. The miracle people often seek the healing of a painful or incurable illness, the recovery of a loved one from a dangerous accident, or a fertility blessing. We cannot achieve these miracles on our own, so we seek the miracle in a pilgrimage.


Sin is intertwined in every religion and in every person. Therefore, going on a pilgrimage often means asking for forgiveness for one's sins.

Nobody is perfect. People often feel so remorseful about things they have done that they must repent of their sins in the most religious way possible. Religious pilgrimages involve physical discomfort, and long hours of walking, often in the sun and heat, giving people the impression that the exhausting journey will help them be forgiven for their sins.

Pilgrims to receive forgiveness of their sins hope and pray that their sacrifices will be seen, noticed, recognized, and approved. Therefore, they make long journeys, endure hardships, and throw away all material luxuries and comforts to show that they are truly repentant and willing to do anything to get forgiveness for their sins.


We mentioned above that more than two million people visit Saudi Arabia each year to perform Hajj, the religious pilgrimage to Mecca. Here's the thing - one of the most common facts about Islam is that Muslims, wherever they are in the world, should do Hajj if they can afford it at least once in their life. This brings us to the third reason why people make religious pilgrimages. Often, such a journey provides religious and spiritual fulfilment that will make one feel close to the other. Closer to Allah for the rest of his life. Even so, some people choose to umrah packages 2023 more than once. The experience is so rewarding and gives them such peace of mind that they want to repeat the trip as often as possible.

In some religions, people may perform different pilgrimages, including going to different places and doing different things. It is for this reason that religious people often make pilgrimages every year.


Many people make pilgrimages to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world. It allows them to connect with themselves. But, instead of attaining a higher spiritual existence, they seek the peace and quiet that comes only when they are exhausted from doing something that they feel is appropriate.


You would think that people who want peace and quiet escape to a remote place or go on vacation to relax, but the reality is completely different. When you go on vacation, where you can relax and do nothing all day, you still can't get out of your mind. Troubles, problems and other insecurities always find a way to attack your psyche. For this reason, many embark on journeys from which they can contemplate and escape. In this way, their attention focuses on the difficulties in their path, not the problems and insecurities that beset them. Thus, people's peace while on pilgrimage can last long after they complete the journey.


When we know people make pilgrimages to pray for good luck, we often smile tolerantly and think nothing of it. However, it's easy to understand. In fact, there's something odd and childish about the pursuit of fortune. Still, after all, it's completely normal and understandable. Aiming at attracting good fortune is similar to seeking miracles by going on a pilgrimage, except that the seeker is not looking for a magical solution to a problem or cure. No, the seeker is simply hoping that walking the boardwalk and touching a relic, or visiting a holy place, will bring him good luck this year or years to come.