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[Salman Arain / 27-09-2022]

Train to become an Umrah Consultant and YOU can help millions of pilgrims build their perfect Umrah trip.

Umrah Companions is happy to introduce a new initiative - Umrah Academy. At Umrah Companions our main purpose is to make Umrah accessible to everyone and Umrah Academy helps to do just that.

UmrahAcademy is the first of its kind, a completely online course that educates and trains professionals in the Umrah industry. This course educates pilgrims on all aspects of Umrah travel so that they can become Umrah Consultants. Our Umrah Academy graduates are called Umrah Consultants; travel consultants with their detailed understanding of the Muslim pilgrimage space become able to help pilgrims book their dream Umrah trip as well as other perks.

Should I sign up for UmrahAcademy?

Are you…

  • An aspiring travel professional looking to start your career in a unique and dynamic industry?
  • An existing travel professional looking for training in the Muslim pilgrimage space? 
  • An experienced Umrah Travel Agent looking to freshen up on your knowledge and join a network of professionals in your field?
  • A well connected extrovert looking to create an income stream for yourself and serve Muslims in your area?

Then yes! 

Umrah Academy graduates will 

  • Understand the commercial elements of the Umrah process
  • Empathise with pilgrims and gain a heightened awareness of the pilgrim journey
  • Learn about the market conditions in Makkah and Madinah relating to vendors, hotels, transport services etc. 
  • Show a high level of proficiency using UmrahCompanions Digital Systems, as well as VIP account access to special pricing. 
  • Gain access to a network of Umrah Academy alumni – the UmrahCompanions’ Leader Network
  • Have access to exclusive on-ground support lines in Makkah and Madinah
  • Be equipped with a media library of templates, guidelines and training material for marketing and sales purposes

How it works

  • Head over to 
  • Register for UmrahAcademy
  • Learn about the Umrah world through written and video lessons. applying your knowledge with activities and quizzes, and benefitting from additional resources provided by the UmrahAcademy team
  • Complete the UmrahAcademy and earn your certificate as an Umrah Consultant
  • Help people in your community book the Umrah trip of their dreams through
  • Earn a commission on sales you’ve generated and worked on as an Umrah Consultant!

 This comprehensive course covers all things Umrah travel from the pilgrim journey itself to building Umrah packages in Makkah and Madinah. While also giving you freedom to complete your Consultant certification from anywhere, anytime for as little as $10CAD. The online modules and lessons allow you to move at your own pace and complete them from your phone or computer anywhere in the world. Each lesson covers the important topics regarding Umrah travel including:

Upon completion of the Umrah Academy course our graduates become Umrah Consultants where they will have access to exclusive perks and more. Consultants and their plentiful amount of knowledge on the Umrah industry can help guide their friends, family and communities through the booking journey to ensure a superior experience. As well as have access to exclusive deals, dynamic and regularly updated information, receive the Umrah Academy newsletter, auxiliary sales training, on-ground support in Makkah and Madinah and mentor consultations. Be the first to know about news and updates in the industry as well as access to Umrah Companions leaders network filled with experts and like minded Muslims. 

Get to know your instructor

Introducing Ahmad Salman, your Umrah Academy instructor and Umrah expert. Ahmad Salman has been employed at the leading Umrah OTA and Umrah Companions for over half a decade. With years of experience in the Muslim travel space and digital education, Ahmad has worked with and to deliver the first-of-its-kind training program for Muslim travel professionals.